DINOSAUR Postcard Bundle....ROAAAAARRRR!! *12 pack

Rachel Gale

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Hey there DINOS! 

Every kid love dinosaurs right!? and us big kids do too, right? 

This fun bundle of A6 Postcards are super cute and can be used in many ways... you can colour them in, customise them, write a note and send them to friends and family, or simply keep them as a fun illustration for your wall or fridge! 

Meet my hand drawn DINO family...
T -Rex, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops.

This pack of 12 cards includes these x4 Dinosaur designs (x3 of each illustrated Dinosaur).

With a traditional postcard design on the back, these are perfect for a hand written note or sending a special person a hello, just pop on a stamp! 

Printed on beautiful grey recycled card, tied up with stripy string and a cute gift tag (Rachel Gale  on one side and tag a to: and from: on the other)...a perfect gift! 

Enjoy! :)